The String Walk: Interface design for business or design as business solution interface?


Every good designer tends to follow the latest trends in design and merge them with his/her personal creativity, but the challenge always remains: Where do you draw that fine line between the real needs of end users (or if you wish, customers) we provide design solution for and the space each designer needs in order to bring in his/her creativity, talents and create an award winning design?

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Design festival OFFF — “Let’s Feed the Future”

Design festival OFFF — “Let’s Feed the Future”

From 2001 till this year, creatives from different design disciplines meet and share their ideas and innovations about digital, interaction and print design at the festival called OFFF. This year, OFF Festival brought wide-ranging experiences of various visual artists to the stage.

This festival was previously held in different countries but has now found its home in Barcelona at Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. For three days the festival was jam-packed full of inspirational ideas and speakers such as Gmunk, Anton & Irene, Buck, MICHELLE DOUGHERTY — IMAGINARY FORCES, Adam J. Kurtz… With the exclusive premiere of Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Film, the Festival was a great adventure indulging inspiring and fun activities, leaving the attendees with an unforgettable experience.

The festival gave a great overview of design trends, work processes and implementation practices, but is also a great showcase of ideas and inspiration from around the world. OFFF is a community inviting all those who are eager to participate and get inspired by a three-day journey of conferences, workshops, activities, and performances.

How the whole trip and visit to Barcelona and OFFF looked like from the eye of our designers, read below!

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Project managers are not there to kill the creativity


I don’t hate Mondays. I really don’t. There was a time when I used to, but that was back when I was in a workplace where I felt I didn’t serve any purpose, where the given goals didn’t match my capacities and skill set. Luckily, I left my old job, played a bumblebee buzzing from one flower (job) to the other, trying to find the perfect team to join in. Eventually, I settled down in Saturized.

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Things to consider when choosing your ideal design partner

Every now and then, you come to a point where you need to select a designer to join your team. They are the key makers, those with the ability to catapult your product and/or services to new heights. Making a well-informed hiring decision is no different than choosing a business partner or a new flat. It is one of those mind-boggling and stressful challenges a leader can face. Without a roadmap, most leaders simply hope and pray for the fail-safe solution to magically appear that will leave them feeling good about the choices they’ve made. So, what, or rather WHO does it take to transform your hiring anxiety into a deep sense of relief? This is the person who can create a design that truly GOES BEYOND.

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Digital solution for Stores & Goods

Many times clients approach us with a need to help them digitalise a real life experience. This might sound pretty straightforward, like: “How hard can it be to design a virtual shop window?”. Yes, exactly. It sounds simple. But choosing a wrong approach can lead to a rather unpleasant user experience, high bounce rate and ultimately, quite a dissatisfied client. Au contraire, Stores & Goods is definitely not one of them.

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