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Discovering and Nurturing Young Designers and Developers

Young people rule. Seriously, they do. Especially in our industry. The generation that has been dubbed “millennial” has grown up used to having a computer in their home, and having an internet connection that doesn’t produce that dreaded dialing sound every time they connected to the internet. In our industry, that’s a major advantage. Young designers and developers that belong to this generation have been exposed to the web for such a long time that they usually develop a keen sense for web design. All they need is some guidance and knowledge to become great at what they do, and that’s where we usually jump in.

From the very conception of Saturized we knew we wanted to work on developing and nurturing young talent from our city. In some part because we were all young once (and at the time), and in need of some guidance. Some found it, some managed on their own. But largely because young designers and developers bring a lot to the table in terms of motivation, creativity, and pure drive.

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies

The way we set up our internship program is that we don’t The only way to become an intern at Saturized is to reach out and ask. We don’t have any official internship program at the moment. Mostly because the way we’ve been doing it so far has been working, and we haven’t had the tame to set one up just yet. Besides what better way to teach interns initiative than to make them seek us out instead of serving them with an opportunity on a silver platter?

We are working towards having a certain number of positions available while choosing the best candidates. Our system currently relies on the goodwill of our Saturators, because mentoring is a voluntary position in our agency. So you have to make sure you impress at least one of us when you do reach out.

Our Obi-Wan’s

As we’ve mentioned earlier, our mentors are volunteers. Mentor’s should be passionate about teaching, eager to pass on their accumulated knowledge to someone younger and less experienced. That’s why we let Saturators choose whom they want to mentor, and if they want to do it in the first place. Ultimately, it’s up to the intern’s application. But once an intern gets a mentor’s attention, they get it 100%. We love giving it our all and teaching young designers and developers, but we also get a lot out of it.

Everyone that’s ever been a mentor in Saturized has had the same feeling of being energized while mentoring. There’s just something thrilling in watching a younger person jump at an opportunity to learn, absorbing everything you’re trying to teach them like a sponge while always wanting more. That’s a big part of the reason why our mentors are so dedicated and driven.

Who can be our Anakin?

Now we’re getting to the part that probably interests you the most. Who is it that we take as internes? Anyone that’s proactive, has strong self initiative, is dedicated, and resourceful. We have almost no requirements when it comes to experience and education. Mainly just having a basic understanding of the position you wish to learn about, and the tools necessary to fill that position. However, we’ve had interns that had absolutely no previous knowledge about the topic they wanted to study with us, but they just wanted to learn.

One such examples is Maja, one of our front-end developers. She came to us in a somewhat peculiar way. Namely, she googled “web-design agency” and voila, there we were, along with several others. She sent out a well-composed email, and one of our co-founders Zoran answered it first. Maja was an amazing intern. She’d come to work every day, on time, even though she had to travel from another city and wake up at 5am to do so. Never once did she complain, so much so, that half of us didn’t even know she travelled to work. We all thought she lived 5 minutes from the office because she was never late. That’s the kind of person we appreciate as an intern. She took initiative, she wanted to learn, and she showed epic amounts of dedication once she was given an opportunity to learn.  

The ways of Saturized’s Academy

We believe in teaching through experience. The way we like to do it is give interns tasks to complete on their own. Once they do we review what they did to see: if it’s been done correctly, if there’s anything that could’ve been done better, if yes then what, and so forth. Our interns have surprised us more than once by completing a task given to them in a way that we didn’t anticipate. And that’s something we always want to see, because that way we learn from each other.

Appreciate yourself, because we do

The whole reason we felt inspired to write this post was that today is International Youth day, so to all of you young’uns out there — HAPPY International Youth Day. We’re a team of highly motivated individuals that feel passionately about sharing our collective, and personal, knowledge with whomever is willing to seek it out. So to those of you that live in Novi Sad and think they have what it takes to a be a part of our team we send out an initiation — contact us and tell us why you’re the perfect fit for us.

For those of you that are a bit too far away, contact us anyway and maybe there’s at least something we can do for you. If nothing else, we’ll see if we can find someone worthy to recommend near you. But don’t wait around and think about it, DO it. Seek out agencies near you and shoot them an email, call, heck you can even knock on their door.

Opportunity will not find you sitting in front of your desk at home, you need to go out, take it by the scruff of the neck and force it to go along.

Today is your day, seize it!

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