We have a winner!

We are proud to announce that we have chosen a winner for our fashion competition!

This was an amazing month for us, with many cool applications coming in.

Of course, with such great applicants, the selection process was hard. If it were possible, we’d gladly make a website for many of our applicants but, sadly, there could be only one.

There can be only one

Here’s a small insight into our selection process. The things that we rated were:

The business idea and the fashion concept

When you think of fashion, you think “beautiful” – but is it enough? Or it still needs a bit of business thinking that will help sell a great product? Of course, highly rated were products that also had a viable business idea behind them.

The design of the product

We rated all products that we personally liked with a higher grade. We could have hired fashion experts to do this task for us, but for us it’s so much better to work on a product that we like, it keeps motivation and inspiration on a high level. Passion first!

Quality of the product

Paying extra attention to your product gave us the feeling of how passionate you yourself are about your product, how detail-oriented and persistent you are. We gave extra points for these trades.

Value of the product (purpose, application, the value the end user gets from using the product)

This point is important for us, to see you communicate with your customers, the end users of your product. Only if you care about your customers can we care about you, so this chain reaction gave us a good sense of who we will be working for. Your sense of self-worth through knowing your audience and competition was also a great point for us to evaluate the incoming applications.

We would like to congratulate to all applicants on the way you coped with our questionnaire. We know it was tough but I’m sure that for some of you, the process itself was well worth it.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our winner.

Koishi Lamat is a fashion label that produces handcrafted bag made of wood and leather with very futuristic design and high quality.

This is a Serbian-based fashion label, that is well-known in the circles of the local fashion connoisseurs and worldwide. It’s a fashion label that very much attracts attention and requires admiration, and the most important don’t leave fashion lovers indifferent.

We are so excited to start working on this project! We’ll be posting regular updates on our progress, so make sure you stay in the loop.

A huge word of thanks to all the participants! It was such an honor going through all the applications, so much so, that we can’t wait to do it again! Until then, good luck to you and we hope we see your brands on shelves soon!

Check out our amazing portfolio and follow our work on Dribbble and Behance!