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The past few weeks have been rough! We were looking for a community manager. After 71 application reviews, we were thrilled that we have found the new Saturator.

Our thumbs up went for Ivana Jovanovic! Welcome to the Saturized team! Our thumbs up went for Ivana Jovanovic! Welcome to the Saturized team!We chose her because of her experience, which was super compatible with our needs. In the past 4 years, she has been blogging on her own website and she was managing Facebook & Instagram pages. You can visit her website: “Just Imagine – Daily Dose Of Creativity”. Her experience in social media networks and digital advertising was quite fitting! We realised she has the required qualities to be our newest member.  So there she is!


Here’s what we are reading…

The company that makes $299 PC-based VR headset!

Shanghai-based Pimax presented a PC-based VR headset priced at $299. Everyone asked what’s the secret? Read more on:


Why deep learning is suddenly changing you life 

Over the past few years, we all are the witnesses of a huge improvement in everyday technologies. Speech recognition functions on our smartphones much better and there are the advances in image recognition. These advances go beyond cool social apps. Soon, this technology will be used so well, that computers will be able to read X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans more rapidly and accurately than radiologists. Read more on:


How to steal an AI

Artificial intelligence is often referred to “black box” systems. What it means, is that once a machine learning system has been trained to use a huge amount of data and samples to figure out itself how to perform almost anything, even creators won’t fully understand the mechanics of the decision-making inside that box. But researchers have found that the guts of those black boxes can be reverse engineered and even fully reproduced – stolen, as one group of researchers puts it with the very same methods used to create them. Read more on:


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