When good enough is not good enough, people and companies call us.

Who we are

Saturized is a digital agency where your powerful ideas get turned into digital experiences that disrupt industries and move people forward.

We were founded 14 years ago by two friends with a mutual passion for building incredible customer experiences and delivering success for ambitious companies and game-changing startups.

Today, Saturized is a multi-disciplinary team of forward-thinking design and tech fanatics who, fuelled by curiosity and high standards, continuously push each other to solve challenges for brands we believe in and defy the odds.

What we do

With a deep understanding of business principles and a customer experience in the heart of everything we do, we help companies and innovators use modern technologies to open up new sources of income and increase brand loyalty.

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Spreading across three continents, we manage more than 70 people specialized in brand strategy, customer experience, visual and motion design, digital marketing, mixed reality, virtual reality, and software development.

We’ve got a lot of amazing people.

Yet, great people with high standards are always welcome.

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We strive to work with optimistic entrepreneurs and companies who are open-minded, dedicated, and involved in the process of building products and services that amaze people.

For more than a decade, we have attracted individuals and brands who have partnered with us to create interactive digital experiences that solve real issues and fulfill customers’ hearts.

Take a look at the list below to see some of the great companies who trust Saturized.

  • HBO
  • Toshiba
  • Yahoo
  • Google
  • Coca Cola
  • ebay
  • AMC
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Cleanly
  • Pathgather
  • Nestpick
  • Banjo
  • Film & TV
    • 20th Century Fox
    • New Noology Network
  • Finance
    • CoralCapital
    • Currency Solutions
    • GlassDollar
    • Kashable
    • Maxxo
    • Strawman
    • Finance
    • WireCash
  • HR
    • HeartCount
    • ReportNest
    • Taledo
    • Uptrail
    • WeAct
    • Carmen
  • Lifestyle
    • BeautyMinder
    • Belgrade Waterfront Galerija
    • Fontain
    • IgivUgiv
    • Search Party
    • Washington Prime Group (WPG)
    • EduLink
    • Vozzi
  • Gaming & Sports
    • Housemarque
    • PopMog - GameGenetics
    • Simplaex
    • Max My Play
    • Merkur XTIP
  • Technology
    • BioTrust
    • Mainstream 4
    • Omni
    • TextNow
    • LuminUltra
  • IT & Software
    • Elan Wave
    • EXLRT
    • Levi9
    • Privado
    • ShippingEasy
    • Symphony
    • Vega IT
  • Beauty & Fashion
    • LeClair
    • Davenport blazers
    • Lamat
    • Stores & Goods
  • Food & Beverage
    • Artisan Gin
    • National Beef
    • Vitament Water
  • Health
    • Libresse
    • Spire
    • Unified Health
  • Marketing
    • Flock
    • Represent
    • Velox
  • Architecture
    • Eagle Hills Touch
    • Experience Room
    • Property Navigator
  • Legal
    • Bajic & Popovic Law Office
    • Martenson Law