Design festival OFFF — “Let’s Feed the Future”

Design festival OFFF — “Let’s Feed the Future”

From 2001 till this year, creatives from different design disciplines meet and share their ideas and innovations about digital, interaction and print design at the festival called OFFF. This year, OFF Festival brought wide-ranging experiences of various visual artists to the stage.

This festival was previously held in different countries but has now found its home in Barcelona at Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. For three days the festival was jam-packed full of inspirational ideas and speakers such as Gmunk, Anton & Irene, Buck, MICHELLE DOUGHERTY — IMAGINARY FORCES, Adam J. Kurtz… With the exclusive premiere of Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Film, the Festival was a great adventure indulging inspiring and fun activities, leaving the attendees with an unforgettable experience.

The festival gave a great overview of design trends, work processes and implementation practices, but is also a great showcase of ideas and inspiration from around the world. OFFF is a community inviting all those who are eager to participate and get inspired by a three-day journey of conferences, workshops, activities, and performances.

How the whole trip and visit to Barcelona and OFFF looked like from the eye of our designers, read below!


Darko Mihajlović, interface designer;

“OFFF is a melting pot of creativity, bringing people together form around the world to participate in what they defined as “Sensory Overload Experience”.

And it truly was one, bringing together a diverse group of creatives ranging from graphic designers, illustrators, motiongraphers to musicians and chefs, OFFF ensured that everything you see, touch, hear, taste and smell were exceptional, memorable and inspiring.

The highlight of the conference were the amazing speakers that were talking about their creative processes, inspiration, design as a job, their obstacles and how they overcome them — this really provided everyone valuable information that would help us in our lives in the creative industry.

Someone I would point out (although everyone was great) are the Outro Studio for their unconventional approach that yields great results without investing a lot of resources and Imaginary Forces that showed us the process behind some of the finest title sequences out there. And, of course, GMUNK that kept us laughing throughout the entire presentation.

It was a pleasure to be a part of such an event and I’m looking forward to next year!



Željko Stanojević, interface designer;

“Don’t put shitty work in your portfolio because clients will hire you to do shitty stuff.” Anton Repponen of Anton & Irene

The organisation of this festival in modern surroundings of Museum of Design in Barcelona is the just perfect meeting point for all talented and creative souls from all around the world. Those three days of the festival were full of eclectic talkie talks of famous digital artists and their super interesting workshops.
I was astonished by the speech of Anton&Irene and Gmunk. Their brief and crisp yet funny and humorous speech where they presented their portfolio, won my heart, with their fascinating artworks for some major brands like Microsoft, Audi or Met Museum. After all, I heard and saw, the only thing I can say — motivation is high!







Damir Perić, interface designer;

The greatest impression I got came from Gmunk! Presentation, artworks, everything about him gave me a feeling that the work we do, can truly be inspiring.

“STFU and keep learning” Gmunk

Super skilled duo Anton & Irene had a perfect work presentation. After listening to them, I realised, design is something you do for love. Only for love, not for the money – yet hard work pays off sooner or later.
Corner shops at the festival were full of colorful, eye-catching designers stuff. Those little things were so appealing, I had to purchase a bunch of various things even if I don’t actually need it. Like these playing cards.

Oh wait, I do need them, they are so beautiful!

P.S. The energy and the whole crowd of the festival made me think about the next OFFF already!

Goran Vujaković, interface designer;

O f course, Gmunk left the highest impression! His way of talking that kept us laughing throughout the entire presentation is what makes him an outstanding speaker. Beside him, I liked Imaginary Forces, Antone & Irene, and Outro studio. Those guys from Outro kicked off branding for OFFF festival.

One more super cool thing was the fun we had at Adobe stand, where we could design beer label for example, or make cardboard figure, etc. A lot of fun there! All talks I heard, had one thing in common — they all do it because of passion. Some of them confessed using drugs to reach new mind levels, which definitely made me stop and think.

The thought I am going home with is:

”The best skill you could have, is a skill to always learn new skills!”

Maja Bjeletić, junior interface designer;

A trip to Barcelona was a totally unique experience for me! What I first noticed as a designer is the design of perfect storefronts, excellent logos on almost all street places and the unusual architecture of buildings. We were at the OFFF design festival where we listened to a lot of designers speaking about their work. I’ve never seen so many good designs at one place — starting from interior design, posters, stands, room lights to design shopping products. The biggest influence on a festival for me was Buck. They immediately inspired me for some shots I am planning to work on and pushed me to continue a personal project I started!



Being surrounded by such creative people for those three days helped us look at our work from a different perspective. It is always healthy to leave the comfort zone and talk to other creators to see what kind of issues other people have, and how they are solving them. Inspiring talks gave us energy and made us believe that anything is possible to achieve. We are eager to come back. Can’t wait for the next OFFF!

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