Discovering and Nurturing Young Designers and Developers

Young people rule. Seriously, they do. Especially in our industry. The generation that has been dubbed “millennial” has grown up used to having a computer in their home, and having an internet connection that doesn’t produce that dreaded dialing sound every time they connected to the internet. In our industry, that’s a major advantage. Young designers and developers that belong to this generation have been exposed to the web for such a long time that they usually develop a keen sense for web design. All they need is some guidance and knowledge to become great at what they do, and that’s where we usually jump in.

From the very conception of Saturized we knew we wanted to work on developing and nurturing young talent from our city. In some part because we were all young once (and at the time), and in need of some guidance. Some found it, some managed on their own. But largely because young designers and developers bring a lot to the table in terms of motivation, creativity, and pure drive.

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What's new in Saturized world?

The past few weeks have been rough! We were looking for a community manager. After 71 application reviews, we were thrilled that we have found the new Saturator.

Our thumbs up went for Ivana Jovanovic! Welcome to the Saturized team! Our thumbs up went for Ivana Jovanovic! Welcome to the Saturized team!We chose her because of her experience, which was super compatible with our needs. In the past 4 years, she has been blogging on her own website and she was managing Facebook & Instagram pages. You can visit her website: “Just Imagine – Daily Dose Of Creativity”. Her experience in social media networks and digital advertising was quite fitting! We realised she has the required qualities to be our newest member.  So there she is!

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6 Website Design Trends in Fashion

Last year technology bloomed. Things like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) emerged and took the world by storm. Each year trends in web design were defined by technological advancements, and this year will be no exception. With faster internet speeds and devices that pack a more powerful punch, what we know to be possible is being redefined each day. Our main focus here will be fashion websites, but most of these trends will be dominant in other industries as well. The fashion industry has been very swift in jumping on the opportunity of using new technologies in retail, and they won’t stop there. They’ll continue pushing on into the online world. However, we’ll be seeing some of the more down-to-earth, traditional trends as well. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

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