Digital solution for Stores & Goods

Many times clients approach us with a need to help them digitalise a real life experience. This might sound pretty straightforward, like: “How hard can it be to design a virtual shop window?”. Yes, exactly. It sounds simple. But choosing a wrong approach can lead to a rather unpleasant user experience, high bounce rate and ultimately, quite a dissatisfied client. Au contraire, Stores & Goods is definitely not one of them.

What is Stores & Goods?

Stores & Goods is a contemporary, customer oriented platform, which features carefully selected items from special stores and boutiques. To make it more simple, it’s a virtual shop window for a variety of small Zurich brands that have some basic features in common: they are all trendy, hip, stylish and fabulous, and so are their customers.

It’s an online place where users can flick through their favorite Zurich fashion stores, spot what they like, and then easily check where they can get that hot piece of clothing, or reserve it for 24h. Sounds uber cool, right?

The main objective of the project was to make the web platform experience equally enjoyable.



The challenge

Our designers understood the need to create a sleek, elegant and high-end design. However, for the people in development that is often easier said than done. It was hard to optimise for all devices, the design for the mobile devices was different to the desktop one and the responsiveness was rather pain in the neck. Naturally, the usually short deadline and the wide scope of work added an extra layer of intensiveness to the project. The amount of sweat and nail biting was growing, but we managed to pull it through.

How? You may ask.

The solution

Firstly, we talked to the client, who was understanding and flexible enough to realise that not all wishes could be satisfied at once. If you have two hands, there are only two itches to scratch at the same time, we say. Therefore, we asked the client, who was also the product owner, to choose those “itches”. And he sure did. He prioritised the backlog and drew the bottom line of what had to be done for the launch. That is how we defined the MVP (minimum viable product) of Stores and Goods.

Secondly, we applied the React” framework. Despite the fact that our developers used this tool for the first time on such a project, it proved to be an excellent solution to apply it. We might have had to take some time to learn about it, but it definitely saved us enormous amount of development time later in the project. The end result: still in progress, but you can see the first version of the website here. Smooth, seamless, chic, classy, gorgeous – just like the Stores and Goods brand itself. Enjoy flicking!

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