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We live in a brand-aware world, and developing a captivating brand that warms customers’ hearts and minds is what makes your company stand out from your competition. That’s why we take your branding seriously from the get-go and do our best to make sure the first impression you give to your audience is enthralling and unique.

Dynamic brand experiences usually start with a comprehensive research process. It inspires the strategy and creative course by allowing us to comprehend your business goals, value propositions, company culture, target audience, competitors, visual styles that work, and visual styles that don’t work. Understanding these elements helps us define customer personas and journeys and devise elaborate plans for your branding. All to create a visual brand identity design for your company that sends the right message your customers will connect.

Saturized has helped some of the world’s most influential brands stand head and shoulders above the others and establish their voice, from enterprising startups to industry titans. Since 2006, we have collaborated with pioneering companies and brought about the unparalleled experience, passion, and commitment to every project and every client. Thanks to our commitment to quality, integrity, and relationships above all else, we have forged long-term partnerships with many brands to deliver ingenious, viable, comprehensive solutions that pursue our clients’ business goals.


  • Logo Mark and Word Mark Design

    Logo Mark and Word Mark Design

    What makes your business recognizable is one of the core elements of its visual identity – your brand’s logo. Whether it is your business name with specific text-only typographic treatment or a logo centered around a symbolic image or icon, we can do it aesthetically and make your business rise above all the others, wowing both the competitors and the customers.

  • Color Palette Definition

    Color Palette Definition

    Use your brand colors to captivate your consumers and rouse their emotions. Colors reflect the personality of your brand and give it radiance. Using color theory with your business allows us to define color pallet to promote your brand loyalty, help your consumers instantly recognize your business, and encourage conversion.

  • Illustration Guidelines

    Illustration Guidelines

    Portray your brand personality, dive deep into your values, and convey them to your customers in a manner that feels human and fun with distinctive branding illustrations. By making illustration strategy an intrinsical part of your brand strategy, we can share a coherent mood or style, making illustrations relatable to your brand’s wholesome image and message.

  • Iconography Guidelines

    Iconography Guidelines

    Make your in-product navigation more convenient and boost your business metrics by using reliable, readable, and flexible icons. Iconography guidelines represent the icon system, which guides the visual representation of functions, features, and concepts using icons. We use these guidelines to set up your overall brand’s guidelines and build your brand’s identity.

  • Photography Guidelines

    Photography Guidelines

    Take your brand identity to the next level, improve recognition, and maintain your audience’s attention with evocative and powerful photo composition. Delving deeper into your brand story helps us reinforce your company’s aesthetic and establish a harmonious photography style right from the start. This way, we can engage your customers, tell a story on behalf of your brand, and have your brand upstage your competitors.

  • Typography Definition & Guidelines

    Typography Definition & Guidelines

    Shape a tone of voice for your brand, determine how people experience it, and deliver your message with supreme brand typography, which constitutes a large part of your whole visual identity. We can use typography guidelines to align your brand’s personality on all digital and traditional channels, support your brand to stand out, and use an exclusive voice in your visual communication.

  • Digital Branding Guidelines

    Digital Branding Guidelines

    Set clear guidelines for maintaining brand identity across all aspects of your business to help various departments align and coordinate consistent messaging. Digital branding guidelines, typically sent out as PDF, including brand colors, icons, fonts, illustrations, and photographs, allow us to provide your business with a framework of coherence and harmony. That helps us ensure everyone is on the same page, consistently delivering a unified message that is always on-brand.

  • Digital Communication Guidelines

    Digital Communication Guidelines

    Secure a consistent brand voice and minimize social media failures with a framework that guarantees quality and brand personality consistency across all social media platforms. We can provide the foundation for that consistency through forward-looking social media guidelines, building a cohesive voice, and experience across your social channels.

  • Collateral Design

    Collateral Design

    Use the tactical material of your brand strategy to promote your brand and boost your product’s sales and marketing. Devised to maintain uniformity with your brand’s principles, we offer your marketing campaigns additional designs that your audience will want to read and guarantees they memorize your name.

How we do it

  • Stakeholders Interview

    Stakeholders Interview

    A complete picture of your brand messaging and perception from all stakeholders helps us identify any messaging and perception gaps. Based on that findings, we can clarify your brand values, refine your message, refresh your branding or launch a complete rebrand.

  • Competitive Research

    Competitive Research

    Understand your competitors and gain an edge with your brand strategy to outdo them and dominate the marketplace. A constructive and successful competitive analysis allows us to observe what the others are doing and, more importantly, what your can do in response.

  • Customer Persona Research & Definition

    Customer Persona Research & Definition

    Being aware of the problems and challenges your customers face builds their trust and wins you their loyalty. With in-depth research and authentic persona definition on our side, we can address all your brand demands and establish a genuine connection between your brand and your customers.

  • Customer Journey

    Customer Journey

    Understand your customers’ experience while engaging with your brand to ascertain growth opportunities along the customers’ course of life. We can rely on all the data we gather during the persona research phase to help us map out the customer journey and thus shed light on your customers’ behaviors, thoughts, and frustrations, define opportunities and increase your conversion rates.

  • Brand Identity Research

    Brand Identity Research

    Make your business distinguishable in your consumers’ minds by using a brand’s visible elements, including color, design, and a brand’s logo. We use brand market research to gain a competitive advantage through open-minded, insight-based ideas to make confident, informed decisions, and develop a powerful and unique brand identity for you.

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Saturized is an expert in branding & design. A glimpse into a Saturized portfolio shows how deeply they understand their clients’ vision and their ability to translate that into beautiful branding. The working relationship I have developed with Saturized is invaluable, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Vedran Sisak
Founder of The Artisan Gin
Nemanja Zunic

The branding solution met our needs exceptionally well, the quality was very high, and the value for money was above average. The Saturized team was listening and fully understanding our vision, needs, and wants. Smooth communication and efficient realization bring ideabuddy.com to life.

Nemanja Zunic
Founder of Idea Buddy

Frequently Asked Questions

No two brands are the same. Our approach to any two projects is built on a unique strategy to get results, and a purpose-built team of industry-specialist and category natives to make it happen.

What exactly is branding, and why is it essential to my company's success?

Branding is more than a logo and a clever tagline, its emotional connection between your business, idea, products, and the intended audience. Branding is when all of the different elements like your logo, social media posts, and marketing materials all consistently make a positive awareness of your company and encourages prospective customer purchase and loyalty.

Why do I need research before branding design?

The research process gives us an honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses to set your brand’s real value. The worst thing you can do for your brand is to market a promise you can’t deliver. Without research, how else can you make sure your positioning will be on target?

We need to benchmark your brand’s current state to track its shift and the return on your investment. Research provides us a foundation for further decisions. It removes personal bias and focuses on real data about your company’s position in the marketplace.

How long does it take to complete a branding project?

Every project varies in length and complexity, and so can only be estimated on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the number of deliverables involved, it usually takes us anywhere from 3 weeks for a logo project to 2 months for a standard brand identity package with a few additional pieces of collateral.

Why should I get my branding done by professionals vs. freelancers?

A high-quality branding process involves research of your target audience and competitors, understanding your industry, checking if trade names and domains are available, creating a mood board, testing color schemes in different environments, creating a unique and memorable logo, finding fonts & typography that is effective, etc.

Branding can be a lengthy process that may involve several creative people working on the project, and it requires input and collaboration with the client. It is also necessary that the brand is unique in the market to avoid any trademark or copyright legal problems.

If you put all this into perspective, you can see how professionals can contribute to your business’s full brand story.

If you put all this into perspective, you can see how professionals can contribute to your business's full brand story.

Hard to say. But keep this truism about brand storytelling in mind: If you don’t tell your story yourself, someone else will tell it for you—and not always in the way you want. By developing your brand and then telling it in a powerful, focused way, you have the opportunity to broadcast the true and favorable perceptions of your brand you’d like for others to have.

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