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With its minimalistic layout and intuitive navigation, Watches strives to transform the watch shopping experience into pure enjoyment, no matter what device you are using.

Breitling Watches
Breitling Watches
Breitling Watches

The Story


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The Goal

In today’s world, where we don’t need a watch to tell us the time, the decision to wear one and its type sends a message to people about who you are. Whether you are trying to project power or exude elegance, your watch quickly becomes a piece of your identity.

The Solution

With most watch shopping sites fitting into a similar mold, we wanted to create a website that would elevate the watch shopping experience. From the first interaction, we have aimed to let the user know that this site stands out and that the watch they buy will help them stand out from the crowd.

The Collections

The collections section of the site gives the user an overview of all the available watches throughout the collections.

In a few swipes, users can get the taste of all the available options. To make the choice more straightforward for the user, we have left detailed information on the watches, allowing them to make a strong visual statement.

Breitling Watches

The Collection

Once the users decide which collection they find most appealing, they can take a tour of all available watches in that collection.

Through intuitive swipe motions and an abundance of filters, the users can easily navigate their way to a watch that meets their aesthetic needs and financial limits.

Breitling Watches


To make sure that they are making the right decisions, we have created specific product pages for each of the products in every collection.

The layout of the product page is minimalistic, focusing on the most important details about the product, complemented with crisp photos and a gallery that the users can explore.

Breitling Watches
Breitling Watches

Mobile Screens

The experience of shopping for a watch that Watches creates is impeccable on every device the users have at their disposal.

With the navigation through the site relying on the swipe motions, Watches experience is even more intuitive and enjoyable on a mobile screen.

Breitling Watches
Breitling Watches

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